Location: KAGERA
Date Posted: Jul 6, 2022
Application deadline: Jul 11, 2022

BACKGROUND MAYAWA (Maendeleo Ya Wakulima) is a farmer member based organization which operates in four districts in Kagera region.. MAYAWA with support from Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO), and other partners is currently implementing the Forest and Farm Facility Programme (FFF) programme. The goal of the FFF programme is facilitating policies, entrepreneurship, adaptation/mitigation to climate change and improved and equitable access to social and cultural services within forest and farm value chains to secure Climate Resilient Landscapes and Improved Livelihoods. MAYAWA has secured support from partners to recruit the Project Manager for xx months. During this time, the Project Manager is expected to steer the FFF programme within MAYAWA – as the apex member based organization in Kagera region.

Tasks and objectives Under the direct supervision of the General Manager, Executive Committee of MAYAWA and Technical support of FAO FFF, the Project Facilitator will lead and oversee the implementation of the FFF programme. Your engagement will be subject to the vision, mission, and working norms to formalize and sustain the working culture of the organization The Project Manager will undertake the following activities:

• To work between 8.30 AM in the morning up to 17.00 o'clock • Support the FFF programme management and coordination with MAYAWA team

• Support the process of the scoping study for the implementation of the FFF. MAYAWA - Maendeleo ya Wakulima FARMERS SERVICE CENTRE P.O Box 1753 Bukoba E-mail: 

• Coordinate FFF baseline studies which will be undertaken by implementing partners.

• Plan and organize Mobile training and exchange visits for experience and knowledge sharing among producer associations in- and outside the region;

• Implement knowledge and experience on different techniques of Organic farming and Agro forestry technologies to the farmers on the demonstration and multiplication farms and tree products value chains.

• Prepare monthly and draft annual reports and a general report to the Board when required.

• In consultation with MAYAWA management team prepare programme proposal and Letters of Agreement (LoAs);

• Participate in national and regional FFF events and other policy platforms relevant to FFF implementation;

• Facilitate basic FFF tools to partner FFPOs, such as the FFPO self-assessment tool, proposal writing workshops, risk management, etc.

• Follow up on selection and implementation of Small grants • Participate in development and implementation of the Communication strategy

• Develop the FFF communication and visibility materials for awareness raising in the country (Brochures, posters, videos etc) around the 4 outcomes

• Support the Monitoring and Leanings

• Facilitate meetings to determine and decide on the products to be offered by MAYAWA

• Develop the FFF business plan for MAYAWA and bankable business plans from its associations members

• Identification of potential markets for the products and meetings with potential commercial partners.

• Meetings and building links (visits) between the Association/new business branch/arm and partners interested in “fair business”

• Capacity development to members of the enterprise on harvesting best practice, good plantation management, insight of cost structures and negotiation skills

• Facilitation and technical backstopping to strengthen the forests and farm producers.

• Favourable contracts and commercial venues established with buyers of the FFF- MAYAWA products

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